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Guardian Tek Extension Exploded

Guardian Home Extension

Guardian Building Services, creating beautiful additional living space utilising modern methods of construction

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Guardian Building Services are an approved installer of the Guardian Home Extension throughout the UK.  Providing a spacious open-plan extension to any home using cutting-edge construction techniques. Considered the next generation of home improvements, the Guardian Home Extension is the ultimate solution for increasing living space. Further, with an outstanding U-value of between 0.10 and 0.20 W/m2K, it is the most energy-efficient home extension available.

Why should you choose the Guardian Home Extension?

The Guardian Home Extension, built using the Kingspan TEK® Building Systemand Guardian Warm Roof technology, is factory-built for consistently high quality and offers huge financial and performance advantages over conventional extensions.


All components of the Guardian Home Extension are fabricated in advance to each project’s specifications. Then, everything required for the project is delivered to the site in a single drop so we can concentrate on the build.

The Benefits:

Rapid installation – a Guardian Home Extension can be installed in as quickly as 3 weeks


Pre-engineered quality – factory pre-assembled saving up to 30% on site labour costs

Excellent energy efficiency – up to 60% lower energy costs using high performance insulation

Customisation – Wide range of external finishes to ensure your customers can effortlessly match their new extension with the house

Superior system offering – The Guardian Home Extension combines high-performing home improvement components such as the Guardian Warm Roof, VELUX roof windows and the Guardian Roof Lantern for flat-roof extensions.

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Guardian Tek Extension Exploded
Quick installation process

Developed by the founders of the Guardian Warm Roof; the Guardian Home Extension not only enhances living spaces for your customers but it gives you the potential to grow as a business.

We pride ourselves in helping our approved installers with their business growth and never compete with them. Every extension lead we receive from homeowners is passed directly onto our approved installer network.

As a Guardian Home Extension installer, you can expect many benefits from having the system in your repertoire. Additionally, you will also benefit from: 

Unrivalled industry partnership

At Guardian Building Services, we are proud to be an approved Installer of the Guardian Home Extension and Guardian Warm Roof. By working closely with our approved UK fabricator we can ensure that our customers are purchasing a high specification product that achieves and often exceeds current industry standards.

Kingspan Tek Building System

Thinner walls mean more room space

The Kingspan TEK® Building System has a superior U-value of just 0.16 W/m2.K with a total wall thickness of 275.5 mm. To achieve an equivalent U-value using traditional construction methods, the wall would have to be 453 mm thick.

Tek finishes Brick Slip

Highly efficient

The most thermally efficient, insulated wall construction method available is now specified as the first step in achieving Net-Zero carbon housing.

Guardian roof graphic

Made to measure

A pre-engineered frame supporting 3 layers of high performance rigid insulation board, finished with a choice of roof tiles or slates in a range of colours.

Pre-designed customisation

External Wall Finishes

Your customers will have a range of external cladding options to match their house and style.

Roof Finishing Options

Guardian Roof Tiles or Espirit Slates roof finishes are available in a range of colours. Learn more about our innovative roof-finishing products.

Roof windows

Guardian Warm Roof and VELUX have teamed up to offer the best conservatory roof replacement with the best roof windows.

VELUX is now the exclusive supplier of roof windows for the Guardian Warm Roof – it’s the perfect combination to transform a conservatory into an all-year-round living space.

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