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Wet Roof Tile

Roof Finishes

Guardian Building Services, creating beautiful additional living space utilising modern methods of construction


Smart alternative to traditional roof finishes


Extremely durable


UV and heat resistant


Do not crack or break like traditional slate

The Ultimate Lightweight Slate Solution

Guardian Slate

Guardian Slate is an innovative roofing system featuring the aesthetic appeal of natural slate without the risk of cracking and breaking.

Today’s house builders and owners demand lower cost, faster and easier construction without compromising on quality while maintaining a traditional appearance.

To meet these demands, we are constantly developing new, high-tech solutions for today’s construction industry. Engineered using the most advanced technology in material development and manufactured from resin bonded crushed limestone, Guardian Slate
is extremely durable, impact and heat resistant and offers the highest level of UV resistance.

Guardian Slate
Guardian Roof Slate with Velux Window

Ideal for new or replacement roofing projects

Combines practicality and enhanced performance for a beautiful roof

Consistent high quality and dimensional accuracy

Available in a choice of five natural colours

Superior life expectancy – will not crack, split or break

100% recyclable at end of use

‘A’ fire rated when used in conjunction with a standard membrane

Available in five natural colours

Guardian Slate is available in a choice of five natural colours, providing you the opportunity to add texture and style to your home.

The colours have been tested to high UV exposure and exhibit virtually no fade and with no trace of cracking or splitting.

Guardian Slate Options






Esprit Shingle Interlocking Tile

Exclusive to Guardian, the new Esprit Shingle is made from lightweight, high-grade steel with Aluzinc® coating for incredible strength and resistance, and features a unique ‘hidden-fix’ detail that leaves no nails exposed to corrosion.

The sleek and modern design is based around geometric precision and straight grooves, combined with a textured-finished tile to capture the subtle look and charm of low-profile traditional tiles and slates.

Esprit Shingle is a six-pan, stone-coated panel pressed from the highest quality, drawing grade 3 steel for maximum security against the elements.

The tile profiles and roofing accessories are engineered to interlock and overlap to resist wind lifting and keep out the harsh elements.

No cement or mortar required.

Guardian Esprit Shingle Interlocking Tile

Ideal for new or replacement roofing projects

Ideal for conservatories – weighs just one seventh of
traditional roofing materials such as stone or clay

Available in a choice of six natural colours

40 year guarantee

Available in six complimentary colours

The choice of colours means the tiles can match or compliment virtually any home.

Esprit Shingle Interlocking Tile



Coal Black


Burnt Umber

Bister Brown

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